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Better School Systems

2 min readApr 4, 2021

There are many bad school systems but today we will be looking at some of the best. Looking at better systems may help us create better education for everyone.

The number one education system in the world as of now is in Finland. Finland has some of the highest levels of primary and secondary school graduation and they have outranked the US in science, reading, and math for multiple years (Edsys). Finland also has free education so kids only have to pay for textbooks and supplies (that includes free lunch for everyone). They also have a 93% graduation rate compared to the US’s which was only 85% (NCES).

Finland is obviously doing better but why? To begin with, Finland lets students choose their own education path. This helps prepare students for the professional world as well as keeps them interested in their subjects. Finland also has the least school hours and school days in the year with schools starting from 8–9 am and ending around 2:00pm and students only go to school 190 days a year starting at the age of seven (Edsys and Fullbrook). Despite having the least amount of school, Finland still outperforms many.

Another big difference between our schools is they dont give national standardized tests or compare schools in any way in Finland. They do have evaluations for learning outcomes to test effectiveness of teaching techniques. Finnish students aren't measured at all during their first six years of learning (Fullbrook). Schools aren't compared to each other as the Finnish government believes the key is cooperation not competition (Fullbrook). Teachers also aren't graded or measured mostly because they have to get a full masters and only about 10% of teachers applications are accepted (Fullbrook). Students also have the same teacher for up to six years of their education to create a better bond between teachers and students.

All of these things together has created the best school system in the world. With shorter, later, school days, little to no standardized tests, and student chosen courses, it makes American schools look like a mess. Maybe our school systems can all evolve to make school and the world a better place.



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