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Better School Systems

There are many bad school systems but today we will be looking at some of the best. Looking at better systems may help us create better education for everyone.

The number one education system in the world as of now is in Finland. Finland has some of the highest levels of primary and secondary school graduation and they have outranked the US in science, reading, and math for multiple years (). Finland also has free education so kids only have to pay for textbooks and supplies (that includes free lunch for everyone). …

School sports

Everyone knows that sports are good for both your physical and mental health, but not everyone has the money or resources to do club sports. This makes school sports a great option for students. Today on Education Enlightenment we will be discussing how school sports benefit students.

Participation in sports have multiple benefits such as self-confidence, self esteem, better health, leadership skills, teamwork, discipline and more (). These skills/benefits are very valuable for school and life. School sports also tend generate students with higher attendance, graduation, and assessment scores (). The reason for this is; students have to maintain a…

School shootings

School shootings are a very sensitive topic in America and a rising problem. There are many long term effects on both students and adults. Today we will be discussing these effects as well as possible solutions or prevention methods to keep our school systems safer.

Number of people killed per year by school shootings ()

School shootings can seem like a bad movie but the sad fact is, it can happen to anyone. As you can see the number of fatalities per year has gone up by quite a bit since 1970. These deaths have caused quite a bit of grief for students and families creating psychological issues like ptsd…

The relevance of subjects taught

Education is a very important to our lives and future careers, but is school teaching us the necessary subjects for life? On this week's Education Enlightenment, we look into the subjects taught in school and their relevance.

There is of course a basic need for an understanding of core subjects like English, Math, Science, and History, but maybe not to the level being learned now. Depending on your future career, you will never use half the things taught in those subjects. For example I would like to go into the medical field of employment and I can almost guarantee that…

Is Homework Beneficial?

Many people believe that homework helps students better learn the material but is that really the case? Here on the Education Enlightenment we will compare the benefits and harms of homework.

The Pros

Many parents and teachers say that homework teaches grit, perseverance, and responsibility as well as helps students understand what is being taught (). This would indeed be very helpful for many future jobs that require outside work and responsibilities. Others also say that homework also creates prioritization skills (). It creates the chance to plan what you want to do when. This is a very helpful skill…

The mental health aspect

Did you know that an average, schoolgoing, teenagers anxiety levels are higher than a 1950s psychiatric patient’s? These anxiety levels can be caused by countless things in our lives but many of them are either school caused or school related. Welcome to Education Enlightenment where today we will be talking about the effect of school on students mental health.

Much of Generation Z has reported to higher levels of anxiety and depression than all other age groups (). Lots of this anxiety and depression is generally caused by stress to hold up adults expectations, bullying, poor parenting, social media…

School Start Times

Student sleeping

Welcome back to the Education Enlightenment! This week we are branching off of last week's topic of school hours and talking about the harms of early start hours for students.

A typical school day in America starts anywhere around 7:50 to 8:20 am (when we aren't in a pandemic). Seeing that students have to get ready (about 15 minutes on average), eat (about 10), potentially study/do homework (maybe around 20 minutes), and drive to school ( about 10 minutes for most kids), (bus riders usually have to get up even earlier). …

School hours; Helpful or Harmful?

Welcome back to the Education Enlightenment where we talk about the American school system and its flaws. Today we are talking about the length and start time of schools and if it's really more beneficial than harmful.

A school day in America generally starts around 8:00 am going until 3:00 to 3:30 pm making a average school day a total of around seven hours. Some reasons its seven hours could be that it gives students more time to learn more or develop interests in extracurriculars or maybe to aid with students social skills. The problem with these reasons is they're…

The Old School Style

The majority of America's youth has the opportunity to receive schooling, but is the school system really the best it can be to adequately prepare them for their future? Welcome to the Education Enlightenment where we talk about the education system from the view of a student with real facts and potential solutions.

Today we are talking about how the American schooling styles have been around for hundreds of years, barely changing in our ever evolving world. The average school day for a elementary student in the Twenty-first century looks like this:

  • Arrive around 8:00 am
  • Morning lessons
  • Short 30…

In the deep dark forests of Portland Oregon, was a black cat named Shadow. Shadow was an ordinary cat with green eyes and tiny little paws and pointed ears, but with his black fur, nobody wanted him because they thought he was unlucky. In his first few lives, he tried to get people to see he was just like every other cat but found that people stayed away from him or even occasionally tried to hurt him. So he spent his days in the woods, only going into the town at night to dig for scraps. Every once in awhile…


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